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Band : Sorganina

Profile Band

Sorganina was formed in the early of 2006 where the lines-up were only Azwan, Azad and Shafiq. The name of Sorganina popped out after few month jamming and completed their 1st song called “Bangun”. Many have asked why Sorganina?. How Did The “Nina” Came out? And Why so?.

“We named our band Sorga at first. But later in the day we’ve found out that there’s an Indonesia band who already named after it. After a long weird names listing, Nina came out and made a perfect match to Sorga” Say Kech. “To us, Sorganina means more to what we wanted most. A beautiful aspiration and motivation for us or to keep moving forward and survive in whatever we’ll be doing”.

By accident, according to the “Babylonian”, “Nina” is a goddess who is the daughter of deep watery God of Wisdom. “Sorga Is Heaven and Nina was a random picked means Goddess. It is a perfect match, by mistake afterall” say Kech again.

A year Later (2007), Iqbal came as Sorga first ever vocalist where he be able to deliver every track exist very well. To jam with only few songs, they started devoting themselves more seriously into music. They started to write more and more songs in that early of 2008. Amar Joined Sorga in early 2008 and brings Sorga a lot of beautiful changes.

2008 is an experimental year of Sorga where they did a lot of home recording and tried to blend in as much genre as they could focusing on producing Pop Alternative Rock Music in Malay. Many have said Sorga sounded more to J-Rock Music but becoming more Indo Rock after a few gig.


Iqbal b Kamarudin (Bal)

Mohd Azad Bin Khirudin (Ayam)

Amar Hafizi Bin Abdul Raof (Amarr)

Azwan Hadi bin Azman (Kech)

Mohd Shafiq Bin Razak (Shafiq)

Pengalaman dalam bermain gig :

  • Peace To World t MCPA Hall Jalan Dato MaharajaLela.
  • OMG clothing Lable gig at Skizo Studio
  • Star Stompers Guest Band At Rainforest Borneo Club Sunway
  • Intenational art day At Subang
  • Go Green Acoustic At Titiwangsa
  • Hari Bersama Belia (Rakan Muda) Bukit Jalil Main Stage
  • Rakan Muda Putrajaya
  • Acoustic Night Cantumas Café Setiawangsa
  • Bussiness Skewl Carnival UiTMM
  • Lord Of The Indies At Nerve Club Kl
  • Layar Tanchap Merdeka Celebration
  • Open House Indie Raya By Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan At Bukit Jalil.
  • RANtai Revelation 2008

Pada waktu sekarang, kami sedang mengerjakan rakaman studio untuk menghasilkan kualiti yang lebih baik. Kami juga menunggu tawaran dari mana-mana pihak untuk melakukan persembahan.

contact number

0129231972 (Amarr)
0122640058 (Kech)

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