Monday, January 11, 2010

Interview with 2crank (

1. Lyrically, what do you guys generally write about?
Generally, most of our songs are about life, love, hate, betrayal ... emotions generated by things that happen around us. It’s not that we want to limit ourselves to only such specific topics, but we are most comfortable expressing our experiences, instead of simply singing without knowing “what and why” something is written. More importantly, we want our listeners to see things the way we do. Agreed, some of our lyrics are hard to understand. They’re very metaphoric, in our own unique way. But they are comprehensible.

2. What is it that music offers that other art forms can't?
To us, all the different kinds of art forms have their own special and specific values, motives and reasons of why they’re created and how they’ve made it into paintings, buildings, handicraft, fashion, writing etc. But music, somehow, lives in its own subjective world. The great thing is, music can do what other art forms can’t. It provides a warm, deep and honest feeling and provides a clearer view of an expression, something that can be interpreted in a thousand ways.

3. What is your favourite album of all time?
It would be Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace (Foo Fighters). We’ve listened to a lot of records of varying genres, from jazz to funk, Latin, ballad, rock, Pop, R&B, metal, screamo and even Nasyid. But what this album has is something special. Echoes Silence Patience & Grace provides moments that will surprise many. This record culminates in a custom-built singalong chorus. The Foos really brought their music back to life after In Your Honor. Overall, this is another fine album from Grohl and company. Their 'greatest hits' collection, may well prove to be their finest release yet, though.

4. What are you guys in this for? Money, fame, fortune?

Well, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want any of those things. Of course we do, but the whole reason why we make, play, live, and try really hard to survive in Malaysia’s indecisive rock industry is because of passion.

5. What's your take on the whole vintage vs modern argument, be it for musical instruments or recording applications?
Well, we’ve never had the chance to make a record in any vintage fashion, so we wouldn’t know any better. But we are aware that the recording techniques of yesteryear required a lot of skill, passion, honesty and great effort to make a record sound perfect. There’s a world of a difference between what we have now. Technology has made music-making much simpler and brought it to the common man - all a person needs these days is a computer and musical instruments. And the results are no less impressive.

What matters most to us is the appreciation of making music. If the end result (the record) is going to be disappointing, it really doesn’t matter if the technique employed was vintage or modern.

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